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Dallas County Accessing Birth and Death Records

Unlike many other types of records, accessing both birth certificates and death certificates in the state of Alabama can be remarkably easy, whether you live in Dallas County or any other county in the state. This is because all of these records are maintained by the same Alabama institution, unlike many other types of official records.

The Alabama Department of Public Health ( is responsible both for tracking all of these records, and for making them available to the public. Although there are certain requirements that must be met in order to access either of these types of Vital Records, accessing them is a straightforward process. There are requirements that must be met – usually by being named on the record or being related to the person named on the record – because both of these records are required for so many types of official documentation and records.

The specific requirements to access Dallas County, Alabama birth records can be found at, and the specific requirements to access Dallas County, Alabama death records can be found at

You should also be aware the initial copy of any Vital Records, which also include marriage and divorce records, will incur a $15.00 fee, and each additional copy of these records will cost $6.00.