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Dale County Public Records Resources

Dale County was created on December 22, 1824, and was named after Gen. Sam Dale, pioneer and Indian fighter. The county, with a total population of 49,129 as of the year 2000, is located in the southeastern part of Alabama and its county seat is Ozark.

This county’s crime rates weren’t all that shocking, however that shouldn’t be considered as reason enough for the county to call itself a safe place to reside. Assault offenses were numbered highest according to the arrests made in the county. A few sex offenders were also found residing in the county.

If you intend to gather information about a particular person living in Dale County, search public records online for fastest and easiest results; but if you want to do it manually, visit the Dale County courthouse and/or sheriffs’ office. Below are their locations.

County Courthouse Info:

Dale County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 580
Ozark, AL 36361-0246
Telephone: (334) 774-2754 or (334) 774-5003

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Dale County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 279
Ozark, AL 36361
Telephone: (334) 774-2335

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