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Lawrence County Public Records Resources

Lawrence County, Alabama, was named in honor of James Lawrence, a captain in the United States Navy from New Jersey. The county was created on February 6, 1818, and is situated in the northwestern portion of the state. It is said to be a dry county. Its county seat is Moulton and, as of the year 2006, Lawrence County’s estimated population was 34,321.

According to one particular survey, crime in this county isn’t all that horrible, yet arrests regarding several kinds of offenses are becoming more serious each passing day. Different kinds of property crimes such as larceny theft, fraud and arson are recently becoming a menace all over the county and, worse than that, there are more than a few sex offenders found in there.

If you want to get all relevant information about someone’s background in Lawrence County, you can always search an online public records database for a faster and easier way to get what you need. You can also visit the Lawrence County courthouse as well as the sheriffs’ office personally, if you prefer. See below for more details.

County Courthouse Info:

Lawrence County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 310
Moulton, AL 35650
Telephone: (256) 974-2440

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Lawrence County Sheriffs Office:
242 Parker Road
Moulton, Alabama 35650
Telephone: (256) 974-2405

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