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Greene County Public Records Resources

Greene County bears the name of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, a hero of the American Revolution. The county was created on December 13, 1819, and as of the year 2000, its population was 9,974. The county is located in the west-central portion of Alabama with its county seat being Eutaw.

With this county’s total population, it feels like one is living in a small community yet, contrary to that, its crime statistics show a lot of arrests are increasing rampantly. Only few sex offenders were found, but offenses such as fraud, drug violations and other assault were always on top of the list.

Are you seeking somebody’s personal background who is residing in Greene County? Well, searching public records online will be the fastest way to search for it; but if you like to handle it the manual way then you can also visit Greene County’s courthouse and sheriff’s office. Just see below for more details.

County Courthouse Info:

Greene County Courthouse:
Judge of Probate
P.O. Box 790
Eutaw, AL 35462-0656
Telephone: (205) 372-3340

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Greene County Sheriffs Office:
400 Morrow Ave
Eutaw, Alabama 35462
Telephone: (205) 372-3242