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Greene County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you are after for birth certificates and also, or even death records for persons of Greene County, Alabama, then we have both good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that these records are not necessarily accessible by anyone. Due to the volume of different things that birth records and/or death certificates are necessary for, it would be very dangerous for all of these records to be publically accessible. Broadly speaking, you must be specifically blood-related to the person whom is indicated for the certificate, whether by marriage or by blood. While the requirements for a death record are more flexible, you still must bear a significant level of relation. A full listing of requirements can be found within the Alabama Department of Health’s page concerning birth records, found at, and for records of death, which can be found at

Those above links are the good news: that all types of Vital Records, including birth and death records, are actively maintained by the ADPH. Unlike other types of records in Alabama, which can be extraordinarily difficult to find in some cases, birth and death records are very easy to find.

Please note that the original copy of any such record will incur a one-time charge of $15.00 for the first copy of the first record, and each subsequent copy will cost $6.00.

Finally, the limitations on whom can access these records changes with time. 125 years after the birth date of the person indicated by the birth certificate, that certificate becomes public knowledge. Twenty five years since the fatal ending of a person spoken of on a death certificate also becomes public knowledge.