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Escambia County Public Records Resources

Escambia County, which is located in the southern part of Alabama, was established on December 10, 1868. The word “Escambia” comes from the Choctaw Indian language and means “cane-brake”. The county seat is Brewton and as of the year 2000, its total population was 38,440.

Aiming to visit or even stay in this county for good? Well, take moment and learn something about your community-to-be. Numerous surveys were completed to inform people about trending behind the crime statistics of this county. According to one survey, property crimes, such as larceny theft, arson and burglary, were observed to be rampant in the entire county and, worse, sex abuses were also joining the trend.

If you wish to look into a particular person’s background that is living in Escambia County, you can do it with merely a click using an online public records database. If you prefer a more direct search, pay a personal visit to the courthouse and sheriff’s office of Escambia County. See below for address information.

County Courthouse Info:

Escambia County Courthouse:
Judge of Probate
P.O. Box 557
Brewton, AL 36427-0848
Telephone: (334) 867-0204

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Escambia County Sheriffs Office:
316 Court St
Brewton, Alabama 36426
Telephone: (334) 809-0741

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