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St. Clair County Public Records Resources

St. Clair lies in the north-central part of Alabama and was created on November 20, 1818. It was named after Gen. Arthur St. Clair, who was a hero of the American Revolution. The county is the only one in the state with two county seats, namely Ashville and Pell City. It is situated in the north-central portion of the state of Alabama and, as of the year 2000, its total population is 64,742.

Crime arrests, which include property, are becoming rampant in the county. Offenses such as arson, larceny theft, fraud and even burglary are observed to be increasing each day, but, even worse than that, sex offense arrests are also joining those trends nowadays.

In order to get all pertinent background information on any St. Clair County resident, an online public records database will allow you to do so without putting much effort into it. If you prefer to do it manually, however, you can also pay a visit to the St. Clair County courthouse and sheriff’s office. Below are their addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Saint Clair County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 220
Ashville, AL 35953-0397
Telephone: (205) 594-2120

County Sheriff's Office Info:

St. Clair County Sheriffs Dept :
Ashville Sheriff’s Office & Jail
PO Box 549
48 6th Street Suite 300
Ashville, AL 35953
Telephone: (205) 594-2141

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