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Autauga County Public Records & Resources

Autauga County is located in the State of Alabama. This county has a total population of 50,354 as estimated in 2008.Prattville is the county’s seat. During November 21, 1818, an act of Alabama Territorial Legislature established Autauga County (one year before Alabama was admitted as a State), which was signed by the only governor of the Alabama and later became the state’s first governor, William Wyatt Bibb. This county, which is older than the state itself, was once inhabited by the Native Americans.

Autauga County is observed to be one of those progressive counties in the State, yet, it seems that the good aspects and darker sides of the county go hand in hand. The entire state is experiencing a gradual rise of violence causing a rampant grow of different types of criminal arrests and an increase in the number of registered sex offenders that are living within the County (more than a hundred sex offenders as of 2010).

If you want to search if a certain person you know was ever convicted of a crime within this County or the entire State – an online public records database can do the job pretty well. You can also visit this county’s Courthouse and Sheriffs’ office, if you prefer to do it personally. See their addresses below.

County Courthouse Info:

Autauga County Courthouse:

176 W. Fifth St.

Prattville, AL 36067-3041

Telephone: (334) 361-3731

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Autauga County Sheriffs Office:

162 W 4th St.

Prattville, Al 36067


Telephone: (334) 365-3211

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