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Autauga County Marriage & Divorce Records

In Autauga County, Alabama, both marriage and divorce records are, under law, considered to be non-confidential and may be accessed by any person, provided that they pay a small fee. While it is difficult to determine specifically why these are considered public record, it makes it easy for any person to determine whether or not another is married, has been married, or has even ever been divorced.

Because this fee must be paid to the Alabama Department of Public Health (for recent marriage and divorce records), Autauga County, AL marriage & divorce records are not explicitly listed online. The fee that the ADPH requires is $15.00, and they have access to all marriage and divorce records in the state of Alabama since 1936. Additionally, subsequent marriage or divorce records will cost $6.00 for each additional copy. The website for marriage certificates is, and the website for divorce records is

For marriage certificates and divorce records before 1936, these records can be requested from the county from which they were issued. To find marriage and divorce records from Autauga County, then visit their Office of Records & Recording, which is a brand of their Probate Court. The website for this office is

Regardless of which office or type of record you are looking for, it is best for the search, and most likely to find the correct marital status of individuals, if you can provide as much of following information as possible:

The full name of the husband or wife
The date of marriage or divorce
The county where the marriage or divorce was granted

If you are looking for information regarding marriage licenses, the full details and requirements can be found on the Autauga County, Alabama Probate Services website, which is located at