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Marion County Public Records Resources

Marion County is located in the northwestern part of Alabama and the county seat is Hamilton. The county was established on February 13, 1818, and was named after Gen. Francis Marion of South Carolina. As of the year 2000, this county’s total population was 31,214.

Marion’s overall crime rate isn’t that terrible at all, but there’s no point to feel too comfortable about this county’s situation. Several violent offenses are always on the list and more than a few sex offenders were found settling in this county.

If you want to know more about a particular Marion County resident, you can search public records online for an efficient way to research. You can also pay a visit to the Marion County courthouse or sheriffs’ office if you prefer to do it personally. See below for more details.

County Courthouse Info:

Marion County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 1687
Hamilton, AL 35570-1595
Telephone: (205) 921-2471

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Marion County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 1387
Hamilton, Alabama 35570
Telephone: (205) 921-2101
For more information, visit: