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Marion County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Hunting down arrest records and warrants for Marion County, Alabama can be a challenging, frustrating process – if you have no idea where to look. This is because the internet is filled with private businesses claiming that they have access to these types of information which, if you know where to look and are willing to input a little bit of effort, you can glean absolutely for free.
The best place to start searching for this kind of information is at the website of the Alabama Department of Corrections. The ADOC, in addition to hosting an extraordinary volume of statistics concerning prisoners throughout the state, also provides a search tool that will allow you to both identify and find any person currently imprisoned in the state of Alabama. You can access this tool at
As mentioned earlier, the ADOC provides a great many statistics, and you can find the overview, as well as links to other reports, at this page:
If you are instead looking for statistics concerning the crimes that were committed in Alabama, instead of just the status of persons currently serving time for committing those crimes, then you will want to spend some time at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. Their main web page can be found at
Finally, you should spend some time looking at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office website, which can be found at While they provide only limited data concerning persons currently imprisoned, you can find their contact information which should be useful for obvious reasons.