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Bibb County Public Records Resources

Bibb County is a county in Alabama named after William W. Bibb, the first Governor of Alabama. It was established by the Alabama Territorial Legislature on February 7, 1818 which made it one of the first thirteen counties to be added to the seven already existing when Alabama was still a part of the Mississippi Territory. This county was originally called Cahaba and later on 1820 they changed it to Bibb. It was a home for 20,826 people, as of 2000 and its county seat is Centreville.

Bibb County offers many attractions and points of interests yet, mid-year crime statistics show that the amount of crime has increased in unincorporated Bibb County so far for the year 2010 Economic crimes, like burglaries and thefts are accounted for much of the increase in Bibb County. Worse than that, 58 offenders were found in the county. Apparently, this could probably be a big thing to consider when visiting a county.

If you would like to run a criminal background search on someone who lives in Bibb County Alabama – we recommend using a reputable online public records service. You can also visit this Bibb County’s Courthouse and Sheriff’s office physically. See below for details.

County Courthouse Info:

Bibb County Probate Office:
455 Walnut St., Room #100
Centreville, AL 35042
Telephone: (205) 926-3103

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Bibb County Sheriff’s Office:
121 Court Square
Centreville, Alabama 35042
Telephone: (205) 926-4683

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