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Colbert County Public Records Resources

Colbert County, which is located in the northwestern part of Alabama, was named after George and Levi Colbert, noted Chickasaw chiefs. The county was created on February 6, 1867, and, during 1870, Tuscumbia was elected by the legislature to be its county seat. The total population as of the year 2000 was 54,984.

It is said there are always special goings on in this county so no wonder that the influx of people is having an intention to visit or even stay there. If you are one such person, be sure to know more about this county’s people that you might be dealing with. Several crimes which include fraud, drug violations, and even assault belong to the top arrests in the county’s crime statistics and many sex offenders were also arrested there.

If you want to search for more available details about a person in Colbert County, you can do it easily and without hassle by searching public records online. If you prefer to do it physically, though, you can pay a visit to the Colbert County courthouse or sheriff’s office. See below for their locations.

County Courthouse Info:

Colbert County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 47
Tuscumbia, AL 35674-2042
Telephone: (256) 386-8542

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Colbert County Sheriff:
201 N Main St
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674
Telephone: (256)383-0741

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