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Butler County Public Records Resources

Butler County was named after Captain William Butler and was created by the first session of the Alabama legislature on December 13, 1819. Its county seat is located at Greenville, which was originally called Buttsville and as of 2000, its population was 21,399.

According to a particular site online, there were 34 offenders found in the county area. Just this 2010, a bunch of 22 people were arrested due to drug violations. Larceny- theft crime arrest is always on top of the list for the number of the arrest in the county aside from those of the crime arrest for driving under influence.

To check all available information about a specific individual in Butler County, we encourage you to use an online public records database, that can save you a lot of time and effort. You can also visit Butler County’s courthouse and/or sheriff’s office, if you prefer to do it manually. Below are their addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Butler County Courthouse:
700 Court Square
Greenville, AL 36037-2326
Telephone: (334) 382-3512

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Butler County Sheriffs Office:
700 Court Square
Greenville, Alabama 36037
Telephone: (334) 382-6521

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