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Butler County Court Records Search

Because Butler County does not provide an online presence for its judicial system, it also does not provide an immediately browsable or searchable database of court records, court decisions, or other types of court information.

However, there are other resources, both online and off, for accessing Butler County court records and court dockets. The best place to begin your search would be by contacting the City Clerks Office by telephone, and their number is (334)382-2647 ext. 253.

Depending on how old the court case is that you are attempting to research or look up, the Butler County Library may also be of benefit to you. They can be reached at telephone at (334)382-5222.

If you are a lawyer, then the Alabama Appellate Court provides a tool that will allow you to search any court proceeding that has occurred in Alabama, including in Butler County.

Another resource that may potentially help in looking up criminal or other types of court records is the Supreme Court and State Law Library. Their website, located at, provides a variety of different links to different services that can help you in your research. If you wish to contact them, they advise that you call the primary line of the law library at (800)236-4069 so that they may direct your call effectively. You may also email them at [email protected]. The physical address of the library is 300 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL.