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Butler County Arrest Records & Warrants

If you are concerned that there is a warrant for arrest in your name, or an arrest warrant out in the name of someone that you spend a lot of time with, then you should take steps to be sure of your legal status as quickly as possible.

While many counties and cities in Alabama provide an online list of active warrants, bench warrants, and arrest warrants, Butler County does not, and as such, other steps must be taken to discern your legal status.

The best place to begin is by contacting the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. The physical address of the Sheriff’s Department is 700 Court Square, in Greenville, AL 36067. The office may be contacted by telephone at (334)382-6521. Currently, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department does not have a presence online. You should be aware, however, that the office may ask you to come in personally to look up warrant information, and if there is one in your name, they may arrest you.

Do to this possibility, it is always advisable to consult the services of a criminal defense attorney before proceeding.

Butler County themselves do not maintain a listing of arrests and crimes committed in the county that is presented online. However, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center does, and a series of crime and arrest statistics through 2009 can be accessed at These results may be filtered by county at this link:

Finally, the Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Tool can provide people with the ability to view individuals whom are currently incarcerated, and can be accessed here: