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Butler County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

If you’re attempting to find jail and prison inmates in Butler County, Alabama, then the best place to begin your search is at the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. This office can be contacted by either visiting the office directly at 700 Court Square, Greenville, AL, or by calling them via telephone at (334)382-6521.

Unfortunately, the administration of Butler County themselves to not provide a prison inmate search function, and nor do they provide a listing of all of the individual prisoners and records of their inmates. Searching for inmates of specific correctional institutions in Butler County can be made more difficult because of this. However, there are some statewide organizations that do provide such information. The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center is one of these groups, and maintains a list, sorted by county, of the crimes that have committed as well as brief statistics regarding each count. That list is located here:

If you know the name or the AIS number of the person you know or believe to be imprisoned, then the Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool will allow you to search for them. That tool is located at

The Alabama DOC also provides links and pages that host numerous studies regarding prisoners and inmates of Alabama. You can view a list of escaped inmates at, and a list of death row inmates at