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Monroe County, which was named after U.S. President James Monroe, was created on June 29, 1815. The county was named after the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, and its county seat is the similarly named Monroeville. This county lies in the southwestern corner of Alabama and, as of the year 2000, the county’s total population is 24,324.

According to county crime statistics, a few of its arrests are increasing rampantly each day. Larceny theft, arson, burglary and more make up much of those increasing statistics. Several sex offenders were also found living in Monroe County.

Now, to learn more about a specifics person’s background in Monroe County, an online public records search offers you the fastest way with less time and effort to get what is needed. You can also pay a visit to the Monroe County courthouse and sheriff’s office if you prefer a more direct method. Just see below for their respective addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Monroe County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 665
Monroeville, AL 36461-0665
Telephone: (334) 743-3782

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Monroe County Sheriffs Office:
65 N Alabama Ave Rm 136
Monroe County Courthouse
Monroeville, Alabama 36460
Telephone: (251) 575-2963