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Monroe County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Getting your hands on official, state created records of nearly any kind is, well, difficult at best. Due to an archaic series of difficult laws and institutions that seem to make it their business to be difficult to find, finding most kinds of official records is more often a struggle than not. However, the Alabama Department of Public Health has made certain that, at least for vital records, this is not to be the case.
While there are very strict limitations placed on birth certificates and death records – types of vital records – this is not the case for the remaining pair of vital records types, which are marriage and divorce records. Because the Alabama state government has decided that anybody in the state should have a right to know if someone has ever been married or divorced, you may freely access this information at any time.
Well, not exactly freely – these records will all cost you $15 for the first copy that you request, and an additional $6 for every copy after that. This fee is to cover the costs involved with both finding and then printing each copy of a record.
To see the forms necessary to fill out to request a marital record of pretty much anybody in the entire state of Alabama, then please visit this link: Here, you will also find information that details how to receive your record. The page that handles this same information but for divorce records can be located at divorce: