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Monroe County, Alabama – Court Records

Unfortunately, Monroe County does not provide an active database of persons that are currently serving time, for whatever reason, within their county-wide jail system. Due to this, alternative means must be used to see if someone you know or are related to is currently imprisoned in Monroe County.
The best place to begin your jail and prison records search is with the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which can give you a full roster of all perpetrators currently in jail. This tool can be found at
Should you just be searching for an online database of prisoners in the state of Alabama, then the DOC can also help you there if you visit
For statistics and further information on crime in Alabama in general, then you will want to have a look at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. Their primary statistical resource, the Crime in Alabama Overview, can be accessed at 2009.
Finally, you should also definitely consider getting into contact with the local authorities of Monroe County, Alabama. The best contact would be the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, whom can be visited at 65 N Alabama Ave #136, in Monroeville, and called at (256)575-2963. You may also wish to call the Monroe County Jail to see if your friend or loved one is being held there and/or to visit. You may do so either at (251)575-2635, or at 160 Wilcox Street, Monroeville.