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Calhoun County Public Records & Resources

Calhoun County which was created on December 18, 1832 was named after John C. Calhoun. It was originally called Benton County and later during January 29, 1858, changed to Calhoun and its county seat moved in Anniston. The total population as of the year 2000 was 112,249.

This county is a popular destination for tourists because of the scenery and small-town Southern charm. But, like all of the rest of the counties, drug abuse rates in Calhoun show that this kind of menace is becoming serious with every passing day. Its crime rates are horribly speeding up especially in fraud, larceny theft and driving under influence, and it’s pretty awful to know that 224 offenders were found in the county.

If you wish to search for all available information about a particular person in this county, use an online public records search form. You can also visit Calhoun County’s courthouse and sheriff’s office physically if you want to. See below for more details.

County Courthouse Info:

Calhoun County Courthouse is located at:
25 W 11th St # 500, Anniston, AL.
Phone: (256) 231-1770

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Calhoun County Sheriff is located at:
400 West 8th Street, Anniston, AL.
Phone: (256) 237-4731
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