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Calhoun County Marriage & Divorce Records

Are you looking for evidence that someone you know was divorced? Or are you attempting to inquire as to the marital status of someone you’ve met or are trying to approve credit for? Regardless of why you are attempting to perform a marriage record search or a divorce record search, the Alabama Department of Public Health is the place where you want to begin.

The Alabama Department of Public Health, whose website is located at, provides a database of all Vital Records in the state of Alabama. Under Alabama state law, there are two distinctions of Vital Record; those which can be accessed at any time by any member of the public, and those that may only be accessed by persons with a certain level of relation to the person named on the certificate. Marriage certificates and divorce records are both considered public knowledge.

If you are looking to view a marriage certificate for a specific individual, then visit the corresponding ADPH website at

Alternatively, if you are looking to obtain a copy of divorce records or divorce proceedings, then please visit the appropriate ADPH website, which is located at

You should be aware that the first copy of both marriage and divorce records and certificates will cost you $15.00, and each subsequent copy will cost you $6.00.

The homepage for the Calhoun County Alabama Department of Public Health Office is