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Cherokee County Public Records Resources

Cherokee County Alabama was created on January 9, 1836, and was named for the Cherokee Indians. The county is located in the northeastern part of the state in the Appalachian Mountains. Centre was chosen to be its county seat and as of the year 2000, the county’s total population was 23,988.

Cherokee was known to be the crown jewel of Northeast Alabama. Indeed, this is very true because it has the world’s best fishing and most spectacular views. According to a particular survey, violent crimes in the county was scaled extremely low; yet, another survey showed that fraud arrests were spreading out widely in Cherokee. Only a few sex offenders were found in the county but driving under the influence arrests are speeding up in numbers.

To find more information about anyone who lives in Cherokee County, you can use an online public records service which will let you investigate people’s background history in a very effective manner. If on the other hand you prefer checking the records manually – You can always pay a visit to Cherokee County’s Courthouse and/or sheriff’s office. Check their addresses below:

County Courthouse Info:

Cherokee County Courthouse is located at:
100 Main St. Centre AL 35960-154
Telephone: (256) 927-3363

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Cherokee County Sheriff is located at:
110 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre AL 35960
Telephone: (256) 927-3365