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Cherokee County Arrest Records & Warrants

Similar to most of the counties found in the state of Alabama, Cherokee County does not provide an online listing of the active warrants in the area. Because of this, it is important to utilize other methods to discern either your arrest warrant status, or if there are any outstanding warrants for those people whom you spend a lot of time with.

Understanding if a warrant like this has been issued for you or someone close to you is important because the nature in which the arrest is made can have an impact on the legal proceedings to follow. Further, being caught in the company of someone with an arrest warrant in their name can result, potentially, in you receiving criminal charges.

The best place to begin your arrest warrant search or your jail record search is directly at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office website, which is located at The physical address of their office is 110 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, and they can be contacted via telephone at (256)927-3365. Their website also provides a questionnaire form which can be used to ask all manner of questions, and that is located at

Although a listing of warrants is not provided, a listing of Cherokee County’s most wanted criminals is on the sheriff’s homepage. That listing is located at

Jail records are also available on the Cherokee County Sheriff Office’s website, but only for those individuals either currently incarcerated, or those whom have been recently released. This page can be accessed at