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Cherokee County Court Records Search

The Cherokee County court system, similar to the court systems found in much of Alabama, does not provide an online database of court records or criminal records. Generally, this is because of the privacy issues raised. However, many different court records are available provided you are willing to contact the courts themselves and request a copy of the records.

Unlike many other counties, the Cherokee County Court System facilitates this court records search process in a number of ways. Their homepage, located at, provides a number of excellent resources and is an ideal place to begin your court decision search. Of particular note is their Records Request Form, which explains what you must provide to them to request specific records, as well as how much each copy and each search will cost you. This form can be located a

If you are unsure how to proceed, or what type of record you are looking for, then you should contact the main office of the Cherokee County Courthouse Circuit Clerk. They may be contacted by telephone at (256)927-3637.

Alternatively, you may visit the Cherokee County Courthouse in person, or send your request by postal mail. Their physical address is Room 203, 100 Main Street, Centre.

An addition resource that may aid your court records search is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. This library hosts many of the court decisions that have occurred in Alabama, and their reference desk is designed to help you. Their website is located at, and they may be contacted either by telephone at (800)236-4069, or by email at [email protected]