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Cherokee County Divorce Records & Marriage Records

If you need to learn the status of marriage of a particular individual, or even of a couple, in the state of Alabama, then you are at an advantage: under Alabama state law, marriage records, divorce records, and the marital status of anyone living in the state is considered public information. Provided you fill out the correct paperwork, the state is required to provide you with this information.

Both marriage certificates and divorce records are a type of document known as a Vital Record. In Alabama, the Alabama Department of Public Health maintains all of the types of Vital Records. Their main webpage is located at Despite having a website and the ability to order these records online, you may not view them from the ADPH website due to the mandatory fee that they charge to request such Vital Records.

To request official marriage information, or the marital status or the marriage certificate of an individual in Alabama, then visit the corresponding ADPH page located at

Alternatively, if you are looking for a copy of divorce records or divorce decisions of a person living in Alabama, then visit the corresponding ADPH webpage, which is located at

You should also note that all sorts of kinds Vital Records will cost $15.00 for the first copy, and each copy after that will cost $6.00.

Finally, you may also wish to visit and contact the Cherokee County Office of the ADPH. Their webpage is located at, and details the services that they provide the residents of Cherokee County.