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Cherokee County Birth & Death Records

Throughout the state of Alabama, birth records, death records, marriage record and divorce records are all known as Vital Records. Vital Records are organized into two different categories, based on whom is permitted to access them. Birth certificates and birth records have the most restrictions placed upon them, and death records, while also have restrictions, are fewer and easier to meet. Marriage and divorce records have no restrictions placed on them of any kind.

In Alabama, the Alabama Department of Public Health maintains all Vital Records, as well as processing any and all requests for them. Their main web site is located at

If you are attempting to look up the birth certificate, birth record, or other birth information of a particular individual, then navigate to the Birth Records page on the ADPH website, which is located at This page details the requirements for requesting an official birth record, which generally require that you demonstrate a certain level of relation with the person named on the record.

Alternatively, if you are trying to look up death records, death certificates, or other information relating to the death of an individual, then visit the corresponding ADPH page at Here the requirements for obtaining an official death certificate are listed.

You should also note that the first copy of all Vital Records will cost $15.00, with additional copies costing $6.00 each.

Finally, all restrictions on both birth records are removed 125 years after the birth of the person named on the record, and 25 years after the death of the person named on the certificate.