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Barbour County Public Records Resources

Barbour County Alabama which is located in the southeastern section of the state, bounded on the east by the Chattahoochee River and the State of Georgia, was created on December 1832. It was named after Virginia Governor James Barbour. It has a total population of 29,038 as of 2000 and its county seat is Clayton.

Barbour County is said to be one of the poorest county in Alabama, yet visitors are always on the go with the county’s unique tourist attractions. But, as the line goes, “be aware of your neighborhoods”, visitors should take a pause for the fact that, 50 offenders were found in the county. It was pretty terrible that recently, a certain survey showed that there was an increase in reported rapes for the county. On the other hand, the county’s statistics from the Criminal Justice Information Center website show that there was a decrease in burglaries and assaults.

If you are interested in finding more background history information about a specific person in Barbour County, a good choice would be to try the services of an online public records database. Most of them allow let you run a free initial search and then charge a small fee for subscription. If, instead, you prefer doing it the old way, you can still visit Barbour County’s sheriff’s office or Courthouse and try to get the records directly. See below for more details.

County Courthouse Info:

Barbour County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 158
Clayton, AL 36016
Telephone: (334) 775-8371

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Barbour County Sheriffs Department:
113 Court Sq
Clayton, Alabama 36016
Telephone: (334) 775-3434