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Barbour County Arrest Records & Warrants

As with many of the counties that are located in Alabama, the Barbour County correctional system does not actively provide a listing of individuals whom have an arrest warrant, and nor do they provide for public use a listing of recent arrests.

If you or a loved one have reason to believe that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, then your best option is to contact the Barbour County Sheriff’s office as quickly as possible. Because the penalties for evading an arrest warrant can be quite severe, and because of how significantly an existing warrant for arrest can impact your life, it is important to find out as quickly as possible if there is a warrant out in your name.

The website for the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office is located at, and provides contact information for the sheriff. If attempting to discern if you have an outstanding warrant, then contact the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office at (334)775-1128, or visit them at 24 Robertson Airport Road, Clayton, AL 36016. Please note, however, that you should consider consulting with the services of a criminal defense attorney before engaging in any legal activities with the sheriff’s office.

Despite not providing a listing of existing active arrest warrants or arrest inquiries, the Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search Tool, which can be used at, may provide you with the information regarding the person you are looking for if you believe they may have already been incarcerated.