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Walker County Public Records Resources

Walker County was created on December 26, 1823, and was named after John Williams Walker who was a U.S. Senator. The county, which is located in the northwestern portion of the state, has established its county seat in Jasper and, as of the year 2010, the county’s total population is 67,023.

Aside from the fact that this county offers you a quality life, it also can provide a peaceful and harmonious community to live in. Its overall crime statistics have been rated low according to a recent report, yet, even though violent crimes in the county aren’t that high, property crimes such as arson, larceny theft and fraud have been observed to be rampant throughout the county.

For more information on anyone living in Walker County, you can certainly search public records online quickly and easily. If you would rather search through public records manually then you can also pay a visit to the Walker County courthouse as well as the sheriff’s office. Just see below for their respective addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Walker County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 502
Jasper, AL 35502
Telephone: (205) 384-7285

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Walker County Sheriffs Office:
2001 2nd Ave
Jasper, Alabama 35501
Telephone: (205) 302-6464
For more information, visit:

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