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Elmore County Public Records Resources

Created on February 15, 1866, Elmore County was named after a veteran of the American Revolution who was also an early settler of Alabama, General John Archer Elmore. The county, which is located in the east-central part of Alabama, has a total population of 65,874 as of the year 2000 and its county seat is Wetumpka.

This county’s crime statistics show that violent crimes aren’t that terrible at all, but the gradual rise in the number of drug abuse statistics mirror the worsening situation in the county. What’s wicked was a hundred and more sex offenders were found and arrested there.

Try searching public records online if you need more detailed background information regarding Elmore County residents. If you want to put a bit more effort into your search, however, you can always visit in the Elmore County courthouse or sheriff’s office. Their addresses are shown below.

County Courthouse Info:

Elmore County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 280
Wetumpka, AL 36092-0338
Telephone: (334) 567-1138

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Elmore County Sheriffs Office:
8955 U.S. Highway 231
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Telephone: (334) 567-5546

For more information about the county, visit: