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Elmore County Jail and Prison Records

Due to a variety of difficult-to-decipher and archaic privacy and criminal data laws, accessing jail and prison records for people in Alabama can be a difficult process. In fact, if an individual isn’t currently imprisoned, then you must actually receive consent from them to view their criminal record. Even then, you must generally be an employer seeking to employ this person. You can access the proper forms and online resources for conducting such a search at the Criminal Background Check homepage on the homepage:

However, if the person for whom you are currently looking up records is currently imprisoned, then accessing their criminal records is a slightly easier affair. Chances are, your best place to begin in these cases, whether the person you are looking for is in Elmore County or any other Alabama county, is at the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool. This tool, located at, can be used to find any person whom is currently imprisoned anywhere in Alabama.

If you’re looking for statistics on crime, jail, and prison records for Elmore County Alabama, then there are multiple sources on the Internet that will be of use to you. The best place to begin is with the Alabama Department of Corrections – the same institution that hosts the Inmate SEarch Tool. Their imprisoned persons statistics page hosts a wide variety of data that may be pertinent to your search, and can be found at

Alternatively, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center also provides a wide variety of data sets which can be accessed at any time. The overview for crime in Alabama is located at