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Elmore County Arrest Records and Warrants

Hunting down the exact details of arrest records and active warrants for just about any county in Alabama can be hugely problematic – and Elmore County is no exception to this. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to access records or statistics – just that you will need to know exactly where to look.

In Alabama, there are two primary organizations that handle criminal and arrest statistics throughout the state: the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, and the Alabama Department of Corrections. The Alabama Department of Corrections is primarily concerned with handling the prisoners that they incarcerate, whereas the ACJIC is focused on providing statistics and information concerning crime in Alabama.

An overview of crime in Alabama has been written by the ACJIC, and can be found here: Additional data links that may prove to be interesting concerning arrest records and warrants for Elmore County, Alabama are the 2009 arrests by county ( and 2009 crimes throughout Alabama ( Please note that these are PDF files and you will need the appropriate software to view them.

The Alabama Department of Corrections also maintains a series of statistics-driven pages. Although these are not as in-depth as those of the ACJIC, they can nonetheless provide an interesting window into the criminal justice system of Alabama. The general overview of statistics in imprisoned persons in Alabama can be found at Addition data, like prison escapes ( and current death row inmates ( is also available.