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Elmore County Marriage Certificates and Divorce Records

Have you ever tried to look up any sort of official record in Elmore County, Alabama? For that matter, have you ever attempted to look for any official record for other counties in Alabama? If so, then you have probably discovered that this can be not merely a difficult process, but a tremendously frustrating one.

This is due to a variety of reasons, but the two primary ones are a lack of an online presence for many counties in Alabama (including Elmore County), as well as a host of privacy laws that makes accessing records difficult. Thankfully, this is not the case with marital records and divorce certificates.

Primarily, this is because a single organization – the Alabama Department of Public Health – maintains all Vital Records for the entire state. Vital Records include not only those records that concern marriage and divorce, but also birth and death. Although birth records and death records have requirements placed over whom can access them, there are no such limitations for marriage records and divorce records.

To access the necessary form to determine whether or not someone is or has been married, then visit the corresponding ADPH webpage at, and to find out the same type of information regarding their divorce, visit this link:

It is important to note that the first copy of any such record will cost $15.00, and that each copy of that record that you want after that will cost $6.00.