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Montgomery County Public Records Resources

Montgomery County was created on December 6, 1816 by dividing Monroe County. This county was named after Major Lemuel Putnam Montgomery. It is said to be the most populous county in the state and, as of the year 2000, its total population was 223,510. Its county seat is Montgomery city which was also chosen to be the capital in 1846.

A large number of people may experience major problems in regards to this county’s crime rate. A large number of people were seen to be falling victim to drug abuse and, because of that, this county has not been able to avoid the ghastly phenomenon of an increasing arrest rate.

If you are interested in researching background information on any Montgomery County resident, an online public records database can give you what you need in just a snap. You can also visit the county courthouse as well as the sheriff’s office in Montgomery County personally. Here are their addresses:

County Courthouse Info:

Montgomery County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 223
Montgomery, AL 36101-0223
Telephone: (334) 832-4950

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Montgomery County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 4219
115 S Perry St
Montgomery, Alabama 36103
Telephone: (334) 832-4980
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