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Montgomery County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Hunting down nearly any kind of official, state-sanctioned record can be a tremendous challenge – especially if you don’t know where to look. And unfortunately, most states, Alabama in particular, tend to be notorious in their ability to not provide a clear set of instructions for citizens for how to procure specific official records. Thankfully for marriage and divorce records in Montgomery County, this isn’t the case.

Why? Because in Alabama, not only are the vital records which deal with marriage and divorce – marriage certificates and divorce certificates – considered to be public knowledge, but they are all collected and maintained by the same organization, the Alabama Department of Public Health.

What this means is that if you are looking, for any reason whatsoever, to get your hands on the marriage certificate of anyone in Montgomery County, all that you will need to do is visit the correct page on the ADPH website and fill out the proper paperwork. You should also be aware that the ADPH charges a small fee of fifteen dollars for each unique marital certificate or divorce certificate requested, and each copy of those unique records will require a one-time fee of six dollars.

The main homepage of the ADPH can be found at Here, you can learn about different types of records that the ADPH maintains, as well as find links to marriage and divorce records. Below, we have provided direct links to those pages:

To see other details that concern marital records and marriage certificates, visit this ADPH link:

For the same type of page, only for one that deals with divorce records, then visit this link: