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Montgomery County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

If you have ever set out to get ahold of official, state-sanctioned records for many different types of things, then you have probably learned that it can be quite a challenge. While some records, like long-term criminal records and certain types of court records, are strictly limited by whom can access them, other records are not – and are instead difficult to find purely because the state of Alabama does not do a sufficient job of educating citizens on where they can find them.

This is not, however, the case with birth certificates and death records for Montgomery County. Although these records are restricted and only certain people may access them, they are nonetheless easy to find – because the Alabama Department of Public Health collects and maintains all of them throughout the state.

The requirements to access birth certificates are somewhat strict. Because birth certificates are critical documents for so many financial and legal processes, their access is highly controlled by the government. In order to get a birth certificate for anyone other than yourself, you will generally need to be able to demonstrate that you are very closely related to that person. Specific requirements for access can be found at

Although the requirements to access death records are nowhere nearly so strict as those of birth certificates and birth records, they are still controlled for similar reasons. If you would like to see the specific requirements for these, visit this ADPH link: