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Geneva County Public Records Resources

Geneva County was created on December 26, 1868. Named after its principal town and county seat, Geneva got its name from Geneva, Switzerland by Walter H. Yonge, a native of Switzerland. The county, which has a total population of 25,764 as of the year 2000, is located in southeastern Alabama.

If you are the kind of person who wants to settle or even just visit this county, you must know something about this place. There were more than 60 sex offenders found residing in Geneva County. Fraud and assault arrests were overshadowing other crimes in the county. Who knows if your neighbor-to-be might be one of them?

To get all available information about a specific person who is living in Geneva County, an online public records search will enable you to get it a lot faster than by any other means. Likewise, you can also visit the Geneva County courthouse and sheriffs’ office personally. See below for their addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Geneva County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 430
Geneva, AL 36340-0430
Telephone: (334) 684-9300

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Geneva County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 115
Geneva, AL 36340
Telephone: (334) 684-5660

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