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Geneva County Court Records

Because in any given county there are going to be multiple types of courts, it is important that you know which court will have the type of record that you will need before you begin contacting them. This way, you will save both time and energy in your hunt for court records for Geneva County.

In Geneva County, Alabama, there are three distinct court buildings, and each of these serves a different function in the criminal justice system.

The Office of the Probate Judge can be located at 200 North Commerce Street, Geneva, AL. The telephone number is (334)684-5640.

The probate court is the ideal place to begin if the court record that you are looking for involves wills, estates, properties, mental illness, and adoption.

The Geneva County Municipal Court is located at 517 South Commerce Street, Geneva, AL. The telephone number is (334)684-9216.

The Municipal Court of Geneva County, AL concerns itself with matters of municipal ordinances, in addition to criminal misdemeanors that occur within the limits of a city.

The Municipal Court of Geneva County can be found at the same address as the Office of the Probate Judge, and can be reached by telephone at (334)684-5630.

The final type of court that is located in Geneva County, AL is the District Court. This is the highest type of court that can be found in Geneva County, and it is responsible for misdemeanor charges, as well as the preliminary hearings for felony prosecutions. This type of court is also capable of handling monetary cases which are valued at more than $3,000, but not more than $10,000.