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Geneva County Marriage and Divorce Records

Accessing official records of almost any kind in Alabama can be a difficult process, both due to limited online presences as well as different records being managed by different institutions. Thankfully, this is not the case for Vital Records in Geneva County or really anywhere in Alabama. Vital Records are marriage certificates, divorce records, and birth and death records. In Alabama, all Vital Records are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

In addition to being readily accessible thanks to being managed by only one institution, marriage records and divorce certificates are freely accessible by any member of the public at any time – and for any reason. Unlike birth and death records, which require that you be related to the person named on the certificate, every aspect of the marital or divorce status of a person is considered public information in Alabama.

You should note, however, that each copy of a Vital Record will initially cost $15.00, payable to the ADPH, and each additional copy of that record will cost $6.00.

Unfortunately, Geneva County does not have an ADPH branch office, so you will need to access these records by using the forms found on their website, found at

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