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Pickens County Public records Resources

Pickens County lies in the western portion of Alabama along with its county seat, Carrolton. The county was created on December 20, 1820, and it got its name from General Andrew Pickens of South Carolina. The county is known to be a dry county and, as of the year 2000, its total population is 20,949.

According to this county’s crime statistics, various offenses of a violent nature have been overtaking the higher ranks for greatest number of arrests. Some of these are aggravated assault, murder, rape and other assault. In addition, more than a few sex offenders were found in the county.

If you wish further background information on any Pickens County resident, an online public records database will help you find what you need in a much faster way. You can also put forth a bit of effort if you want to do the research physically by visiting the Pickens County courthouse and sheriff’s office. See below for their respective addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Pickens County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 370
Carrollton, AL 35447
Telephone: (205) 367-2010

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Pickens County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 226
Carrollton, AL 35447
Telephone: (205) 367-2000