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Pickens County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Regardless of why, exactly, you are looking for arrest records and warrants in Pickens County, Alabama, it is important that you know exactly where to look. While there are several counties within the state of Alabama that provide extensive documentation of all persons within the state that currently have arrest warrants out for them – and do so online – Pickens County does not. Because of this, you will need to consult with a variety of other resources to get the information that you are after.
You should start by contacting the local sheriff’s office of Pickens County. While they may have a policy in place that prevents them from telling random callers or visitors whether or not they have a warrant out for them, you can still find out by visiting the office in person. Please note that, should you choose to do this, you may be arrested if there is an existing warrant – so make sure to talk to your attorney first!
The address of the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is 188 Cemetery Street, and can be found in Carrollton. You can call them at (205)367-2000.
One resource which may be useful to you – especially if you are just looking for someone you believe was recently arrested – is the Alabama Department of Corrections function which will search all currently imprisoned persons. You can find this tool at