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Pickens County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Let’s face it: wading through level after level of official government offices and functionaries to access a specific type of record is not only fantastically time-consuming, but also maddeningly difficult at the best of times. This is often because different types of institutions cover different types of records in different states, and there is only rarely any coordination and communication between them.

Thankfully, this isn’t the way that vital records in the state of Alabama are handled. If you are looking for birth certificates and death records for Pickens County, then it is generally and easy and painless process – provided that you can meet certain requirements, which we will address shortly.

The process of acquiring these vital records is so much easier in Alabama because these records are all maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health, which means that the process for getting these records is the same in ever state.

In general, the ADPH requires, under Alabama law, that you be the person named on the birth certificate, or that you bear a very close level of relation to the person that is named on the certificate. This is to prevent a wide variety of fraudulent activities that require a birth certificate. You can see all of these requirements at

There are similar requirements in place for death records and death certificates in Pickens County, as with every other county in the state. These are not quite so difficult to get around as they are with birth records, however, and you can see the full list of them at