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Covington County Public Records Resources

Covington County is located in the south-central part of Alabama State and was named after Brigadier General Leonard Covington, a soldier in the War of 1812 (Maryland). The county was created on December 17, 1821, and its county seat was first established at Montezuma and then later moved to Andalusia. The county’s total population as of the year 2000 was 37,631.

Have plans for visiting and staying over in Covington County? Well, firstly, get to know your neighbors-to-be. According to this county’s crime statistics, fraud and other assault arrests were quickly increasing. When it comes to the number of arrests, in a particular survey, both violent crimes and property crimes were rated above average and, worse, nearly a hundred convicted adult sex offenders are currently residing in the county.

If you wish to seek more information about a particular person in Covington County, you can search public records online for a faster and more convenient way to do so. Likewise, you can also physically visit the county courthouse and sheriff’s office of Covington County. See below for details.

County Courthouse Info:

Covington County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 789
Andalusia, AL 36420
Telephone: (334) 222-3189

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Covington County Sheriffs Office:
290 Hillcrest Drive
Andalusia, AL 36420
Telephone: (334) 428-2640
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