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Marengo County Public Records Resources

Marengo County was established on February 6, 1818. It lies in the west-central part of Alabama State and the county seat is Linden. Abner Lipscombe suggested the name of the county to commemorate Napoleon’s great victory at Marengo over the Austrians on June 14, 1800. The county’s total population as of the year 2000 was 22,539.

Like all other counties in the state, Marengo County shares its natural beauty with everyone, yet, like all other counties, it also has a rather discouraging crime rate which is growing all the time. There were only a few sex offenders found in the county, but offenses such as larceny theft and fraud always add up in numbers all the time.

Looking for a faster and easier way to research a specific person’s background in Marengo County? Then using an online public records database is right for you. You can also put a little effort into visiting the Marengo County courthouse and sheriff’s office at the below addresses:

County Courthouse Info:

Marengo County Courthouse:
101 E. Coats Ave.
Linden, AL 36748-1546
Telephone: (334) 295-2210

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Marengo County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 480698
101 Dunn Ave
Linden, Alabama 36748
Telephone: (334) 295-4208
For more information, visit: