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Marengo County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Hunting down official records, whether they are court records, divorce records, or even birth records, can be tremendously difficult – if you don’t know where to look. Very few counties in the state of Alabama have comprehensive websites, and fewer yet have websites which facilitate the sort of official records-searching required to get ahold of arrest records and warrants.
However, if you’re looking for arrest records and warrants in Marengo County, Alabama, then you are not totally out of luck. The Marengo County Sheriff’s Office themselves have a few things which may help you. The Most Wanted section of their website details those persons whom are currently number one suspects in certain crimes, and isn’t a bad place to begin. You can find it at
However, you may have better luck with the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool. This tool is an extraordinary piece of web programming, as it maintains a full database of all persons currently imprisoned within the state of Alabama, and can be used to track just about anybody down. It can be accessed at
If you are searching instead of generalizable data concerning the persons imprisoned in Alabama – that is, information that lacks names and is useful for statistics-work – then the Alabama DOC has a page that will benefit you greatly. This page hosts a variety of stats, and can be located at Additionally, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center also provides a wide-ranging set of statistical prisoner data, and that can be accessed at