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Marengo County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Hunting down jail and prison records for almost anywhere in Alabama can be a tremendously difficult process – if you don’t know where to look. The problem is that there just aren’t any guides out there that take you by the hand and detail exactly what is necessary to get ahold of these kinds of records – but that’s where we come in. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the more successful methods of getting prison & jail records for Marengo County.
The first place that you should look for prison and jail records for Marengo County is through the website for the Marengo County Sheriff’s Office. The most important part of this website – at least for you, or any other person looking for this kind of record – is the Most Wanted Offenders list, which can be located here: However, this page – and indeed, this entire website – does not list those persons whom are currently imprisoned.
For that, we will need to utilize the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which can be found at . This tool can be used to view people that are currently in jail regardless of where they are in the state.
Unfortunately, procuring the full criminal background of any person requires their explicit authorization. IF you have this authorization, you may access the forms necessary at
If you are looking for generalized prison records that have personally identifying information removed, you may do so best at the website of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. This can be accessed at