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Marengo County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

While many of the counties of Alabama have an utterly ineffective setup for keeping track of a variety of records – legal, criminal, or otherwise – the state of Alabama has an excellent setup for managing their database of Vital Records. Because of this, getting your hands on birth certificates, birth records, and all manner of death certificates in Marengo County is a straightforward and mostly easy process.
However, that does not mean that anyone can access birth certificates and death records at any time and for whatever reason they want to. Because these types of official documents are used for many applications, both legal and financial, they are kept on a very tight reign. These records are used to apply for credit cards, deal with bank loans, and even close down one’s affairs after their passing. This means that you will need to be related to the person listed on the certificate, and also that you will have to be able to prove this.
The requirements to get a birth certificate for Marengo County are fairly strict, and are detailed here: Details to obtain death records for Marengo County can be found here:
You should be aware of two further details. The first is that copies of all Vital Records cost $15 for the first copy, and $6 for each copy thereafter. The second detail of importance is that all restrictions of whom can access a birth certificate is lifted 125 years after the birth of the person named, and 25 years after the death of a person on a death certificate.