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Talladega County Public Records Resources

Talladega County was created on December 18, 1832. Its name is derived from TVLVTEKE, a Muscogee (Creek) Native American word which means “border town”. The county seat is also Talladega and the county’s total population, as of the year 2000, is 80,321.

Undeniably, this county is one which offers a great place to live; yet, its crime rates are quite alarming and somewhat threatening, too. More and more sex offenders are continuously showing up there. Violent crimes and property crimes including murder, drug abuse, arson and larceny are observed to be growing more than ever in numbers around the county.

If you like to research all available information about a person’s background living in Talladega County, you can always use an online public records database for a faster and easier means of researching. You can also visit the county courthouse or even the sheriff’s office in Talladega County personally, if you want to. Below are their addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Talladega County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 737
Talladega, AL 35161
Telephone: (256) 362-4175

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Talladega County Sheriffs Dept:
PO Box 996
501 West South St.
Talladega, Alabama 35160
Telephone: (251) 362-2748

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