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Winston County Public Records Resources

Winston County was established on February 12, 1850. Its name originates from Alabama Gov. John A. Winston. The county lies in the northwestern corner of the state with its county seat, Double Springs. As estimated by the 2006 census, this county’s total population was 24,634.

According to crime statistics, both property crimes and violent crimes were scaled with high rates. It is quite alarming that more and more sex offenders have been continuously found around Winston County. Drug abuse, murder and robbery were also observed to be rampant throughout the county.

Searching public records online will provide the simplest means of gathering background information on Winston County residents; however you can also visit Winston County’s courthouse and sheriff’s office personally if you would prefer to do so. Just see below for their respective addresses.

County Courthouse Info:

Winston County Courthouse:
P.O. Box 27
Double Springs, AL 35553
Telephone: (205) 489-5219

County Sheriff's Office Info:

Winston County Sheriffs Office:
PO Box 10
Double Springs, Alabama 35553
Telephone: (205) 489-2115

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